Randomia is a country located to the left of Australia. It's name stems from the alteration of Middle English noun randon, which means "impetuosity, speed". 




Randomia has 9 states, Millcoast, Pacifico, Zaxenburg, Newfield, Mitana, Forsen, Conpo, Shinlang, and Sticksity.



  • The government owns RandomiaTV. They also used to own Randomian Television Group (now sold off to Qualis), which included RTV2, RTV Comedy, RTV Kids, and RMovieTV.
  • The state-owned radio networks are Randomian Radio 94.8 and Randomian Radio 2 48.2.
  • Film companies are Random Pictures, TVE Motion Pictures, United Pictures, etc.
  • TV Providers are RandomianCable, PlayTV, TeleView, etc.
  • Randomia has the last surviving Toon Disney feed, as the last non-Randomia channel shut down in 2011. Toon Disney Island of Sally does not count, as it launched in 2017.
  • Randomian television can air shows and movies uncut from 11pm to 6am, since most children will be asleep around that time. Comedy Central Randomia and Fox's Adult Swim block take the most advantage of this with their 13, 16 and 18 rated shows.






  • The school week is from Monday to Friday.
  • Some schools are Randomia Primary, Randomia Elementary, Randomia Middle School, and Randomia High School.



  • Randomia's cars drive on the right, similar to the United States of America, YinYangia and Europe apart from United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.
  • Randomia's standard plug socket is Type A, similar to the United States of America.
  • Randomia has two country-owned car companies, GoPower, and Speedz.
  • Randomia's most popular OS is "ROS", or "Random OS". It was made by Weldon Electronics, The most famous electronics company in Randomia.
  • Randomia's most popular Phones are the WeldonPhone, also made by Weldon Electronics.
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