Red Grape Studios (often shortened to simply Red Grape) was a Kuboian animation studio located in Jaillage, East Kuboia. It was founded by Roger Gelashvili in 1993.

Red Grape Studios produced a total of six animated series over a seven-year period. All six of its shows aired on the now-defunct children's channel KT at some point, and five of its six shows have proven popular by both Kuboian and non-Kuboian audiences and continue to receive frequent mentions and references in popular culture.

In late 2001, the studio was put into administration due to a loss of revenue. It was eventually closed down on 10th February, 2002. The rights to the franchises originally created by Red Grape are currently owned by Zifive Ltd.

Television series

All of Red Grape Studios' productions were created using traditional animation with the exception of Animal Barn (which uses stop-motion animation) and Video Tape (which uses CGI animation).


Red Grape Studios' productions have went on to receive cultural status which continue to be held to this day (albeit mostly through internet groups generally consisting of European youths in the 20s). Roger Gelashvili has also since became a high profile figure in certain niche markets. Since the studio's demise, Gelashvili has mostly shifted his focus to publishing autobiographies and making cameos on national television.

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