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Rediffusion Fabella International (RFI) is a mass media company serving the state-wide Fabella.

The company was at first, a transmitter company since 1948. RFI launched television operations 10 years later (1958), and intended to air communist propagandas against Catholicism and beyond.

In 1989, RFI was arranged and aided by Hayate's brother Sanshiro (the current emperor Fukawa II), in order to become a state-wide network, without the need to air propagandas and start news and other services.

Nowadays, RFI is owned by Enoshima-Rediffusion under Galaxy Corporation.


RFI at first was a transmitter company in 1948 as KairozTranz. When the company gained more employees, they launched a TV network named TV-Enoshima in 1958, intended to air anti-Catholic propagandas with communism. Just as in 1968, Rediffusion aquired 45% stake on TV-E, and banned all propagandas and started broadcasting news.

In 1989, the upgrade made TV-E and KairozTranz expand to all states, and was renamed Rediffusion Fabella International. Their main network is RTV-7 (the Rediffusion state-wide channel itself.)

They launched networks later year as Rediffusion, RediffusionTwo, RediffusionThree, Imperator TV and RediffusionSports.

The current logo of Rediffusion (after Galaxy made RFI a subsidiary). The Adastral is still kept as a legendary symbol for the company itself.

In 2016, Galaxy decided to join forces with RFI to have another upgrade, meaning that Galaxy will own RFI in aid of the Governor of Towa and with the Prime Minister. The construction of RFi's Towa headquarters took place that time.