Regal Group Network is an El Kadsreian television network and media company that serves and worldwide. In the United El Kadsreian Nations, they own the local versions of the Nickelodeon channels in a joint-venture with Viacom International Media Networks and the Regal Group Network's competitor, El TV Kadsre Television Network (Regal Group and El TV Kadsre's channels are the primary broadcasters of Nickelodeon programming on FTA television in El Kadsre).


The Regal Group Network was formed in 1963 by Arata Nakajima, who was a CEO of the East El Kadsreian film production company Regal Films Limited and Bryson Lacy, the West El Kadsreian buisnessman who went on to become the first CEO of the Regal Group Network. The film group Regal Films Limited was merged with Ekovision Film to form Vlokfilm in 1969. At the same time the company was formed, Regal acquired Priority Broadcasting, a small group consists of television circuits in West El Kadsre to become The Regal Channel.

In the 1970s, it was one of the top business companies of all time, beating out El TV Kadsre Television Network until 1981, when Quest for the Masks was released. In 1970, it was sold to Vlokozuian Media Union.

In 1976, Regal formed a television network RGN, which by 1978, surpassed Vlokozu Television as the top rated network, which held the title until 1981, when El TV Kadsre 1 recovered in the ratings. In 1985, RGN and Warner teamed up to launch the Neo franchise.

In 1989 when Vlokozu Television ended transmission, Regal taken half of distribution rights from VTV while the other half went to El TV Kadsre. This led to the distribution conflict between Regal and El TV Kadsre. the example is Regal had distribution rights for much of the Transformers franchise while Hasbro are partners with El TV Kadsre. Regal gave up all disputed distribution rights and they were given to El TV Kadsre in 2018.

On February 26, 1990, the company acquired the Mahri Television Network. It also acquired Northern TV in June 1993 and Sentan Central Television on February 12, 1996.

On May 5, 2019, RGN Holdings Ltd. acquired Regal Group Network from Media El Kadsre. In October 2019, RGN opened a new production hub in Miami, Florida in the United States - being RGN Studio City.


Regal Group Network acquired a first-run and re-run contract with HD source material for Warner Bros. Television, ViacomCBS, ITV, Channel 5 UK, Netflix, Nine Network Australia and TV Tokyo.

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