Regal Group Network is an El Kadsreian television network and media broadcasting company that serves all of El Kadsre and worldwide. The company was founded in 1963 as an operating TV station called Regal Channel (now RTV). In the United El Kadsreian Nations, they own the local versions of the Nickelodeon channels in a joint-venture with Viacom International Media Networks and the Regal Group Network's competitor, El TV Kadsre Television Network (Regal Group and El TV Kadsre's channels are the primary broadcasters of Nickelodeon programming on FTA television in El Kadsre).


The Regal Group Network was formed in 1963 by Arata Nakajima, who was a CEO of the East El Kadsreian film production company Regal Films Limited and Bryson Lacy, the West El Kadsreian buisnessman who went on to become the first CEO of the Regal Group Network.

It acquired Vlokfilm shortly after.

It acquired Mahri Television Network on February 26, 1990.

It acquired Northern TV in June 1993.

It acquired Sentan Central Television on February 12, 1996.

In October 2019, RGN opened a new production hub in Miami, Florida in the United States - being RGN Studio City.

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