Reiko Matsumoto (​松本玲子 Matsumoto Reiko) is a fictional character and a main protagonist of the SlenderCat series. She is a Japanese photographer who is lost in Aokigahara that night and her objective is to collect all eight pages while avoiding her nemesis, the SlenderCat, whom people call her "Blanca".

According to her creators, Reiko is the daughter of Toshio Matsumoto, who is a film director and video artist.


Reiko Matsumoto is a 25-year-old girl whose hair is dark, typical of the average Japanese woman. She is seen wearing her blue sweatshirt, her grey skirt and her white slippers.

According to the game description of SlenderCat, Reiko was born in May 1993 at the time of the American release of Kirby's Adventure. At the age of 9, Reiko enjoyed playing video games with her own Super Famicom console.

Voice actresses

Reiko Matsumoto was first voiced by Stephanie Sheh in the beta release of SlenderCat. For the Southeast Asian release of the game, she was voiced by Merysha Chandra in Indonesian, Angkhana Phanprateep in Thai, Sazzy Falak in Malaysian, Huyền Chi in Vietnamese and Yasmien Kurdi in Filipino.

In Chinese, Reiko was voiced by Liu Chunyan. For the official Japanese version of the game, she was voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

Bang Yeonji provides her voice for the South Korean release of the SlenderCat series.

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