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Republic Film Enterprises is a El Kadsreian film production company formed in 1941 by the Kayosist government and it is owned by CPN Media Group. It is the only member of the "Big Four" film studios to be headquartered in Capulco.


Republic Film Enterprises made its roots in 1941 when the Kayoist government formed the studio, and it was initially based in Eirabourne, via Kadsreius Sentanese Republic. During its early years, the studio was funded by the United States government.

The company made a little few hits, and signed a deal with international film studios to market its films in El Kadsre.

The company gained promise when the KSR won the Eight-Day War, which is excepting Republic to be one of the majors in El Kadsre in the 1950s. In 1957, Republic released the film called Glory Days, which is a critical and commercial success that led to El Kadsre splitting up into three regions.

By that time, Republic Film Enterprises is one of the most successful movie studios of East El Kadsre, selling distribution of Australian, North American and West El Kadsre films in East El Kadsre, while British material was banned.

In 1969, after the invasion of East El Kadsre, and the lifting of British content, KSR returned to distributing British films in El Kadsre, and it gained promise when it became the "Big Five" movie studios in the Vlokozu Union.

The company attempted to launch a kadsresatsu film franchise in the 1980s, only they never got off the ground, due to competition from El TV Kadsre's Technic Heroes.

In 1995, producer Robert Kuikinwood signed a six-picture deal with RFE, to produce its feature films through its banner Kuikinwood Productions.

In 2005, Pure Flix signed a deal with RFE to market and distribute its Christian films in El Kadsre. Currently, RFE alternated distribution with other major El Kadsreians to distribute films in El Kadsre.

Currently it is one of the member of the Big Four film studios in El Kadsre."