Grassland, officially the Republic of Grassland, is a country in the Nordic areas. It became a country on the 1st July 1987.


The name Grassland comes from Grasslandic name, Gwjereln. Over the years, it was corrupted to Grazlan, and was anglicized to Grassland.


Grassland was settled in the year 11,000 BC. After that, many tribes were founded in the land (now called Gwjereln). The tribes fought but in 1122 the Kingdom of Bredelven became independent. Bredelven stayed neutral until 1140 when it attacked the country it became independent from and since then it was a war hungry kingdom. In 1474 it attacked the last country apart from them on the island of Grassland and became the Kingdom of Grassland. The kingdom was mostly neutral apart from some small wars when in 1863 when the first Grasslandic Republic declared independence. They didn't last long though, being replaced by the second Kingdom of Grassland in late 1864. In World War 1, the Kingdom of Grassland was part of the Central Powers. the Central Powers lost, so in 1917 the Kingdom of Grassland turned into the second Grasslandic Republic.

In 1920 the Grasslandic Revolution started, making a new communist state. The Grasslandic Republic nearly lost, but managed to defeat the Grasslandic Socialist Republic.

On 21 November 1941, The Grasslandic Republic had a coup and became fascist. after 6 months on the 16th of May 1942 Grassland joined the Axis. after WWII it became separated between East Grassland (Grasslandic Democratic Republic) and West Grassland (Republic of Grassland).

West Grassland didn't participate in the Cold War. People wanted the country to be unified and in 1986 plans were made to unify them. The plans were finalised, and were sent to Geird. One year later they unified into the Republic of Grassland.

Politics and government

Grassland is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. There are many ministries including the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Defense.

Law and order

Le Poliz is the police service of the Republic of Grassland. The service is headed by the Poliz Commissioner who is appointed by the Grasslandic Government. Its headquarters are in Grassland City's Glor Park.

Geography and climate

Grassland has grassland and forest temperatures. Snow normally comes in Early- Mid November and dries up in February or even March. It has quite flat terrain in the south and some tall mountains in the north.


The currency of Grassland is the Euro and the Grasslandic Poine. They can be used interchangeably at most shops in Grassland.

Culture and media


Grasslandic school schedules are:

  1. Monday 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
  2. Tuesday 11:00 am - 2:30 pm
  3. Wednesday 10:30 am - 2:00 pm
  4. Thursday 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
  5. Friday 10:50 am - 2:00 pm
  6. Saturday off
  7. Sunday off


Grassland's main sports are Football (it's called that in Grassland), Gaelic Rugby and of course the Grasslandic League.



GTN 1, GTN 2, GTN 3, Grassland Television in English


Gerwen and Northern Grassland Television Network, Grasslandic Network


GTN Kids, GTN Teen and others...

Every advertisement break lasts 2-4 minutes.

The radio companies are, GTN Radio and GTN Radio 2.

Cable providers are Sky and Vodafone.

Telecommunications providers are Spark, Vodafone, GR, Gerlae, Boley, Grassland Cable and Benade.

The national film companies are GRL Films and GTN Films.

Grassland has the GFTR (Grasslandic Film and TV Rating) system.

The ratings of the GFTR are:

E (Everyone)

K (Kids)

PG (Parental Guidance)

PG 13 (Parental Guidance under 13)

16 (For people over 16)

AO (Adults only)


  •  ??? - 1474 Grasslandic Tribe
  • 1474 - 1863 Kingdom of Grassland

1863 - 1864 Grasslandic Republic

1864 - 1918 Kingdom of Grassland

1918 - 1942 Grasslandic Republic

1942 - 1945 Grasslandic Empire

1945 - 1987 West and East Grassland

1987 - present Republic of Grassland

fun fact
the Republic of Grassland does not recognize Azara as a country.

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