Republic of Minecraftia, (Hungarian: Minecraftia Köztársaság), or Minecraftia (not to be confused with the country of the same name) is a country located in central Europe. The country borders with Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the northeast, Ivona Land to the east and southeast, Toylandia to the south, Croatia and the Republic of Robloxia to the southwest, and Engary to the west.

The Republic of Minecraftia is home to 2 different communities, the first being the English speaking community, and the other being the Hungarian speaking community. Buda-Per, the capital and largest city of the country, serves as the city seat of the English-speaking community, and Los-Golem serves as the city seat of the Hungarian speaking community.

The capital city for the Republic of Minecraftia is Buda-Per, with over 1,752,286 inhabitants (2017 estimate), and the entire population of the country has over 9,972,576 inhabitants (2019 estimate).


Medival Minecraftia (902 - 1000)

In 902, Minecraftia was established, 3 years after the principality of Engary. The first grand prince of the Minecraftians was Peter III.

In 997, Saint John was the grand prince of the Minecraftians.

Minecraftian Kingdom (1000-1868)

In 1000, Saint John was coronated as the first king of the Minecraftian kingdom. He has remained as king until 1039 when Saint Peter succeeded him as the king.

In 1092, the Minecraftian Kingdom has invaded Croatia, and the Croatia campaign has later culminated in the personal union of Croatia and Minecraftia, which was ruled by King Clinton Brewer.

On March 15th, 1848, the Minecraftian Kingdom has invaded Komapest and its other cities. This resulted in a revolution to break out in both Engary and the Minecraftian Kingdom country, where Engary invaded Buda-Per in retaliation. This revolution was one of the most determinative events in both Engary and The Republic of Minecraftia's modern history. Moreover, the anniversary of the revolution's outbreak has become one of both Engary and the Republic of Minecraftia's national holidays.

Engarian-Minecraftian empire 1868-1920

In 1868, the Engarian-Minecraftian empire was formed when the Engarian-Minecraftian compromise of 1868 was established.

On June 25th, 1911, King Frank was assassinated by a Young Toylandia member, Geoffrey Leduc.

On May 21st, 1920, Roland Rice won the 1920 general election in an overwhelming majority. He was inaugurated on June 20th and promised his supporters that both Engary and Minecraftia will be unified.

Modern Minecraftia 1920-present

The Engarian-Minecraftian empire was dissolved in 1920 when the treaty of Trianon was signed. Both Engary and the Republic of Minecraftia became a country on their own.

In May 2014, one of the Republic of Minecraftia's most controversial prime ministers, Josh Cooper, wins the 2014 general election and he was later sworn in a month later. He stepped down on May 14th, 2019, a week before the general election.

On May 26th, 2019, Sandra Robertson (not to be confused with the Engarian prime minister of the same name) wins the 2019 general election, making her the first prime minister in the country to be a woman. She was inaugurated on June 20th.

On March 4th, 2020, The Republic of Minecraftia has reported out its first two coronavirus cases. In response, the country had taken drastic measures to slow the spread of the virus. Engary has also been affected by the virus on the same day.


The Republic of Minecraftia has the world's 54th-largest economy by nominal GDP, and the 53rd-largest by PPP. As of 2020, the Republic of Minecraftia has a GDP nominal of $350.000 billion, and a GDP PPP of $35,941.

The currency for the country is the Minecraftian dollar.


Much like in Engary, School days are from Monday to Friday. The average of them is from 8:00 am to 3:10 pm. The Republic of Minecraftia primary school day is from 9:00 am to 3:10 pm and the Republic of Minecraftia high school day is from 8:30 am to 3:10 pm.


The Republic of Minecraftia has a rich folk crafts tradition, including for example embroidery, decorated pottery, and carvings. Minecraftian music ranges from the rhapsodies and folk music to modern songs influenced by folk music and others.


The Republic of Minecraftian media mainly uses both English and Hungarian. The Republic of Minecraftia has 2 public television networks, that are MBC 1 and MBC 2, and the main commercial television network is the Minecraftian Three, the first privately-owned television network in the Republic of Minecraftia.

The radio networks in the Republic of Minecraftia are Minecraftia Radio, MC Radio 2, and others.

The pay television providers include T-Home Minecraftia, the Minecraftian Vodaphone TV, and others.


Currently, according to the 2019 estimate, the population of the country is 9,972,576.


The Republic of Minecraftia is a unitary dominant-party parliamentary republic, consisting of elements from both the united states and the united kingdom political systems.

As of 2020, Angela Burnes serves as the president of the Republic of Minecraftia, and Sandra Robertson serving as the prime minister.

The Republic of Minecraftia has many political parties, those include the labor party, the liberty party, among other political parties.


The Republic of Minecraftia's national sport is soccer (or football). The Republic of Minecraftia's debut in the Olympics was in the 1956 summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, and the country has won over 9 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 7 bronze medals, earning the total of 26 medals.

One of the Republic of Minecraftia's most famous footballers is Frank Butler, scoring 85 goals in 86 internationals for the country.

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