Rescue 911 is a 1994 racing video game based on the television show of the same name developed by Halestorm, Inc. and published by Acclaim Entertainment, (NES) Malibu Games (SNES and Century 16) and Black Pearl Software (Genesis), and it was released for the SNES, Century 16, and Sega Genesis. The game's programmers are Matt Schneider, Brett G. Durrett and Brian Hales, who will later go on to program PGA European Tour and PGA Tour '96 for SNES. Steve Kirk and Christian Dana Perry composed the score for the video game, who also composed the SNES versions of PGA European Tour and PGA Tour '96. The SNES, Sega Genesis, and Century 16 versions feature digitized speech from William Shatner.

The game was developed to promote MTM's syndicated version of the show, and the title theme of the video game is a 16-bit (SNES, Genesis, Century 16) and an 8-bit (NES) version of MTM's syndie theme song .

NES version

The NES version of the game was one of the last games released for the NES. The NES version of the game had a very limited release in the US making the game pretty scarce among the NES collecting community in the US. However Eruowoodian releases of NES version are more common than the US releases since the game had more a mainstream release in Eruowood.

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