Revolutions of 1989 in the Kadersaryinan Islands is a revolutionary wave in the late 1980s to early 1990s influenced and inspired by the Revolutions of 1989, but they're going against the United Kadersaryinan Federation, their regime and their influence in the Kadersaryinan Islands instead of just going against the communists.


In 1977, United Kadersaryinan Federation went to war with the First Republic of Bairan and the Second Kingdom of Vairarca. When the UKF won, the UKF occupied Vairarca and Bairan as satellite states, this caused controversy around the international community. In 1980, Majeidor Jaskal was assassinated by far-left terrorists, so Majeidor Jaskal's son Buhdanen Jaskal succeeded as the second prime minister of the UKF and he was partisan, while his father was nonpartisan.

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