Rinava is an El Kadsreian rock band formed as The Miros in September 1977. It is known the band's smash hits for songs Dynamo, Face Me, Curmudeggon, Don't Dream It's Over, Politically Incorrect, Crashed, Gravity Hurts etc. It is one of the most successful rock bands in El Kadsre.


The band was founded in September 1977 by Ryu Judoku, Clemente Rossini, Minato Inoue, Mel Seabrooke, and Kenelm Clarkson as The Miros. During its early years, they primarily focused on hard rock and punk rock. Ryu led with guitar and vocals, Clemente played keyboards, Minato was the drummer, Mel was the rhythm guitarist, and Kenelm was secondary rhythm guitarist. Clemente later left to become a voice actress and was replaced by Kazuo Himura and then Canadian expat Bertie Hale. After Bertie moved back to Canada, Jaylin Rounds was brought on as keyboardist. Brendon Parker joined in 1978 as bassist and swapped places with Minato in 1982. Ken Wasabe replaced Mel in 1980.

They released their debut album in 1984. 23 days after it's release, El TV Kadsre filed a lawsuit against The Miros for "stealing" their name from Team Miro from Nova Orbis 2: Return of the Team Miro. The band was renamed after their debut album, Rinava. Rinava was able to reconcile with El TV Kadsre after the loss of B-E-N Records and their signing to El Kadsreian Melody, and became widely known for their work in the music of the Technic Heroes films, especially in the Bionicle series.

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