Roary Lee McDonald (b. 2nd January 1983), better known by his stage name, Roar, is a Jetanie rapper, singer, radio host and comedian, who has been in the showbiz since the age of 17. He is known for his comedic and entertainment approach towards his music.

Early/Personal life

Roar was born in Koolia, Jetania, where he lived with his parents and three older brothers. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 7. As a child, Roar was considered hyperactive, and even mentally insane to a few people. In his young adult years, Roar decided to become a hype man for his friends, believing that ”hyping performances up” would ”help [him] cool off his hyperness”.

In September 2000, Roar decided he wanted to record his own song. After spending 5 minutes writing lyrics, he got in touch with producer Electrobot to ”make a beat out of what [was] already there”. After being sponsored, Roar was invited to perform the song, “Round and Round”, live on Kuboia Support Day 2000 on 20th October 2000. The inclusion of the song was controversial and was deemed by several viewers as a joke.

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