Robert Wolfgang Fauser (born September 2, 1967) is an American writer, actor, voice actor, and artist. A heir to the Fauser Companies fortune, he gained fame as Robert Stockholm in It's the Paul Taylor Program!, appearing in the show from 1987-1995.


Robert was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 2, 1967 at Chicago Hospital for Women and Children, the son of Shelly Fauser of Italian descent and Arnold Fauser of German origin. His father left Germany after Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rose to power, and was the third head of the Fauser Companies - mainly comprising Fauser Pipeline Contractors, Fauser Construction, Fauser Gravel, and Fauser Companies Barokia. His youngest brother Josh performed Ash of Kidd Video from 1992-1996.

Robert attended Chicago Vocational High School, where he graduated in 1986. At the time, Robert was a young actor active in local theater and had some roles in local and national commercials. In mid-1986, his agent called him about an audition for It's the Paul Taylor Program!. Despite his father being reluctant to his son taking the job since it would require Fauser to go to Canada to film, he took the role, which was named Robert Stockholm.

Speaking about the experience, Robert said:

"The show was holding auditions in Toronto, Montreal, L.A., New York, and Chicago. I was one of the few at the Chicago audition to get drafted into the show. My father told me, "Son, I go to Barokia to oversee our construction company's division there, and I'm fine with that. But you going thousands of miles away to Toronto to film a teen sitcom? I have some problems with that." He obviously thought I was throwing my career into the trash with this decision. So did my agent when he found out which location we would be filming in."

Robert and his older brother Oswald traveled to Toronto each summer to tape the series and travel out for the promotional tours & work. They resided during filming at a vacation rental home in Oakville, Ontario.

Personal Life

Aside from his television/film work, Fauser and his wife Claudia operate three restaurants, Catania Pizza, Pasta & More (a Chicago-style pizzeria), Robert's Locker (a casual dining restaurant), and Captain John's Cafe (a Canadian-style seafood restaurant based on a restaurant in Toronto he frequented while filming It's the Paul Taylor Program!). All three are located in Palm Springs, California.

In October 2020, Fauser's Twitter account was temporarily suspended for suggesting the abolishing of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as a "last-ditch solution to the general malaise in our country."

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