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    Robloxia, also known as Roblox, is a country in Europe and North America. It's the 3rd largest country in the world.


The History of Robloxia for more information was colonized by all countries. This is an empty section.


See the article, Robux, for more information


Robloxia is Officially, by the Constitution, a Secular country, with religious freedom.

However, Robloxia is a predominantly Christian country. Protestantism is the most popular, With Lutheranism being the most Practiced Protestant denomination.

Religion Chart in Robloxia

There has only been Christian Presidents, Prime Ministers and Monarchs.


Protestant Denominations Chart in Robloxia

Protestantism is the most Predominant Christian Denomination in Robloxia, and Lutheranism and Anglicanism being the most popular.

Robloxia (Dynoblox at the time) was a Catholic nation. When the reformation took place, many nobles took notice of it and converted, which made the eastern regions, more protestant. When the Dynobloxian Empire was Dissolved and Robloxia was Confederated in 1634. The King Magnos IV made Lutheranism State religion. He Supressed the Catholics, in 1640 He made the Bloxburg Cathedral a Lutheran Cathedral. Which angered the Catholic population, There were massive riots, known as the "Bloxburg Papist Riots" which took place in 1640-1642. Which ended because the Riot Leader, Markos Broke away and declared independance for the whole Western part of Robloxia, Which sparked the First Robloxian Civil War.