Roborider is a 1980 Vlokuzuian kadsresatsu superhero film. It is the fifth Technic Heroes installment and second and final Robo installment. It is the first Technic Heroes film to be written by Sung Gim, as well as the first Technic Heroes film to be distributed by the Vlokozuian Media Union.

Taking place a year after the events of Throwbots, an unknown visitor to Earth wreaked havoc upon the world by unleashing a treacherous virus that threatened their very existence. To counter this threat, the robotic beings called the "Wheels" captured the Slizers and they upgraded them into Roboriders, where they can ride vehicles resembling motorcycles that would carry the Wheels around.

The film was the box office bomb and was also the first Vlokozuian film to be nominated for a Razzie. It has since gained cult classic status.


One year after Hachirou's team defeated Malachi's team, the unknown visitor declares it will unleash the virus to planet Earth in order to relieve its boredom. The inanimate machines malfuncions and suddenly spring to life; the computer attacks a user with its wires, the radio insults at the woman (played by Sung Gim) and the television sucks the family into its screen.

Hachirou's team rides a private jet with travel agent Shiori Nishikawa after attending the AC/DC concert. The console of the plane malfunctions and Hachirou take control of the plane managed to make a safe landing. It wasn't long until Hachirou's team encountered the unknown being that it calls itself "The Boss". The Boss takes down Hachirou's team and before it kills the Slizers, The Boss was attacked by group of robots before retreating.

The robots introduced themselves to Hachirou's team as the "Wheels" and explains to them that the The Boss was so powerful that even Slizers couldn't take them down and needs a upgrade. Hachirou's team were given new powers and they are later joined by Tyrone and Ken with its new powers and their motorcycles, they are informed by the Wheels they are the Roboriders and the Wheels can use themselves as projectiles.

The Roboriders entered the Vloksville quarry where they encountered The Boss. They fight the Boss and it wasn't long until The Boss retreats once again and leaving the army of cars to attack the Roboriders where they managed to destroy all the cars.

While they head towards Mount Capulco, they are later encountered by The Boss with a army of army vehcles. The Boss offered the deal with the Roboriders that if they defeat them and the army, it will leave the Earth and have a moment of peace. The Roboriders destroys the army of inanimate vehcles and ultimately killing the Boss, putting the end of the virus.


Production and release

The shooting of the film lasted from April to August 1979 and it was filmed in Vloksville, Romrac, El Kadsre City and Matsuzawa.


The film recieved negative reviews from critics. It was criticized for its rushed development and horrible and nonsensical story and it was praised for its actors, soundtrack and the costume designs. The film bombed at the box office, grossing $7 million at the box office, more than the half of the $13 million budget.

The film was a first Vlokozuian entry to the Razzie Awards and was even was nominated for the Worst Picture but lost to Can't Stop The Music.

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