Robotman vs. Kikaider (ロボットマン対キカイダー Robotto man Tai Kikaidā) is a 2015 Japanese-El Kadsreian science-fiction tokusatsu crossover film between the Technic Heroes character Robotman and the Kikaider franchise created by Shotaro Ishinomori. The film is directed by Pasi Peure and Ten Shimoyama, with the film's screenplay written by Matt Lee and Kento Shimoyama.

The film revolves around Robotman and the android Jiro, aka Kikaider, who both joins forces in order to stop Hakaider and the evil organization who upgraded him.

The film was released on November 22, 2015, nationwide in Japan, and was released on November 26 worldwide. The film received a special screening on December 2 in Honolulu, due to the Kikaider franchise being very popular in Hawaii during the '70s.


Judith Maddison has tracked a mysterious signal from far away, to which the group headed towards the signal's location soon after. They soon arrived at the location starts finding for the source, and there, the Red Droneman soon discovers a humanoid body. The crew carries the body into their secret lab where Judith, Chel, and the crew attempt to fix him. Both Robotman and three Droneman quickly left the lab in order to fight off against a new enemy, which reveals himself to be Hakaider. The five of them started a fight, but Hakaider proved himself to be stronger than the four heroes.

Hakaider then prepares to finish them off, but not before a red and blue wave of light stopped him.


  • Lonny Lynn as Gaylord Bateson/Red Droneman
  • Taichi Abe as Hideki Sakamoto/Yellow Droneman
  • Laz Sharrow as Kester Derricks/Green Droneman
  • Wilda Moor as Judith Maddison
  • Roy Alvarez as Chel Elliot
  • Jaron Horn as Konnor Statham
  • Rafe Clarkson as Clive Jenkins


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