Rodger Azumaya (born June 5, 1996), better known as Rog the Best, is a Japanese-Israeli VidSpacer who resides in Victoria, Australia.

He is the creator of the abridged series webshow Bluewall and Toad Patrol: The Abridged Series, and the YouTube channel James Dislikes Everyone and Everything.


Rodger was born in 1996 in Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan. His mother is a Ashkenazi Jew born in Italy who has Tel Aviv, Israel as an adoptive hometown, so he holds an Israeli passport and has siblings in the country. His father was a Japanese salaryman.

In 1998, the family moved to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, residing in the Mont Albert North suburb.

Personal Life

Rog still visits his relatives in Israel and Japan every now and then. He resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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