RollerCoasterBuilder is a video game series published by TechEruo that started with the first installment in 1992.

US Release Title Screen


PC releases

  • RCB (1992)
  • RCB II (1995)
  • RCB III (1998)
  • RCB IV (2000)
  • RCB V (2002)
  • RCB VI (2006)
  • RCB VII (2008)
  • RCB VIII (2012) [AKA RollerCoasterBuilder 20th anniversary edition; first RCB game to be released as a digital download]
  • RCB IX (2015)
  • RCB X (2020) [game development partially outsourced to Frontier due to the Coronavirus]

Expansion Packs (for PC versions only)

  • RCB I.V (1993) [Was released on Sega CD "RCB CD Expansion Pack"]
  • RCB I.VII (1994)
  • RCB II.II (1996) [was released on the Sega Genesis lock-in as "RCB II: The Adventure Pack"]
  • RCB II.IV (1997)
  • RCB III.III (1999)
  • RCB IV.IV (2001)
  • RCB IV.V (2002)
  • RCB V.I (2004)
  • RCB V.III (2005)
  • RCB VI.VI (2007)
  • RCB VII.II (2009)
  • RCB VII.IV (2010)
  • RCB VII.V (2011)
  • RCB VII.VII (2012)
  • RCB VIII.VIII (2014)
  • RCB IX.I (2016)
  • RCB IX.II (2017)
  • RCB IX.IV (2018)
  • RCB IX.VI (2019)

Console releases

  • RCB for Century 16 (1993)
  • RCB for Game Boy (1993) [due to the lack of colors on the screen, the colors are patterns, for example, Blue = Checkerboard]
  • RCB for Game Gear (1993)
  • RCB for NES (1993)
  • RCB for Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Super RCB (SNES) (1993) [Super FX chip used to render POVs of coasters]
  • RCB for Atari Jaguar (1994) [first RCB game with 3D graphics, the second is RCB II]
  • RCB II for Century 16 (1995)
  • RCB II for Sega Genesis (1995)
  • RCB II for Super Nintendo (1995)
  • RCB II for Playstation (1996) [first 3D console port of RCB II]
  • RCB II for Sega Saturn (1996)
  • RCB 64 (N64) (1998) [based on the Final Beta of RCB III]
  • RCB III for Playstation (1998)
  • RCB III for Game Boy Color (1999)
  • RCB for Game Boy Advance (2001) [based on RCB III, but with all the 3D models pre-rendered]
  • RCB IV for Playstation 2 (2002)
  • RCB IV for Xbox (2002)
  • RCB DS (2006) [Based on RCB VI, but with all the 3D models pre-rendered]
  • RCB for Mobile (2009) [based on RCB VII, but with compression to fit a 500MB download instead of a 3.5GB download]
  • RCB X for Nintendo Switch (2020) [game development partially outsourced to Frontier due to the Coronavirus]

Pre-set Coasters

Arrow Looping

Original Four

  • Cobra Roller (only non-real Arrow looping pre-set coaster)
  • Corkscrew (based on Cedar Point's Corkscrew)
  • Demon (Put in the "Great America" category instead of "Six Flags" or "KECO/Paramount/Cedar Fair" due to being at both parks)
  • Kings Island Vortex (aka Paramount's Vortex in RCB II & III)

II Three

  • Drachen Fire
  • Magic Mountain Viper
  • Steel Phantom

III Five

  • Darien Viper
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Orient Express
  • Steamin' Demon
  • Valley Corkscrew

IV Four

  • Classic Corkscrew (based on the Arrow Corkscrew model)
  • Triple Corkscrew (same as Classic Corkscrew but with an extra corkscrew)
  • Anaconda
  • Canyon Blaster

V Two

  • Carolina Cyclone
  • Great American Scream Machine

VI One

  • Tennessee Tornado


  • Great America Shockwave
  • Rolling X-Train

VIII Three

  • Leisure Park Roller Coaster
  • Hot Wheels SideWinder (formerly Dreamworld Cyclone)
  • Fantasia Special

IX Six

  • Canada's Dragon Fyre
  • Hong Kong Dragon
  • Sea Viper
  • Wild Waves' Wild Thing
  • Canobie Corkscrew
  • Wabash Cannonball

X Two

  • Extremeroller
  • Double Loop

B&M Floorless

Added in the RCB III.III Expansion Pack.

Original Two

  • Jersey Medusa (originally simply Medusa)
  • Thunder (only non-real B&M Floorless Pre-set coaster)

B&M Inverted

Added in RCB II.

Original Two

  • Batman: The Ride
  • Raptor

III Three

  • Twin Streak - Blazing Blue (non-real)
  • Twin Streak - Raging Red (non-real)
  • Jet Scream (Great America's Top Gun/Flight)

B&M Standup

Added in the RCB II.II Expansion Pack.

Original Three

  • Carowinds Vortex (originally Paramount's Carowinds Vortex)
  • Great America Vortex
  • Iron Wolf


  • Flamin' Feet (non-real)
  • Mantis

IV Four

  • Buster's Last Stand (non-real)
  • Georgia Scorcher
  • Riddler's Revenge
  • Stand Up and Scream (non-real)

PTC Wooden

Original Five

  • Blue Streak (originally the rails were the track's colors, but were repainted to the supports colors starting with RCB II, released in 1995)
  • Classic Coney Island Cyclone (not actually built by PTC)
  • Ghoster Coaster (known as Woodstock Express in most modern installments)
  • Lightning (only non-real PTC Wooden Pre-set coaster)
  • Shooting Star

II Five

  • Cannon Ball (misspelled Cannonball on the GBA games)
  • Coney Island Thunderbolt
  • Sea Dragon
  • The Hershey Comet
  • The Racer (aka Paramount's Kings Island's Racer in the RCB II and the GBA games)


  • Bell's Zingo
  • Compounce Wildcat (Originally, Garfield was not on the logo unlike the real ride since Jim Davis didn't allow it, but later on, Jim Davis allowed Garfield to be displayed, as long as it had a copyright in the buy section)
  • Crystal Beach Comet
  • Great American Scream Machine
  • Joyland's Nightmare
  • Mr. Twister
  • Rebel Yell (known as Racer 75 on all post-2017 installments)
  • Thunderhawk
  • Thunder Road
  • Yankee Cannonball

Flat Rides

Log Flumes

Original Five

  • El Aserradero
  • El Aserradero Flume #2
  • Logger's Revenge
  • Logger's Run
  • Yankee Clipper

II Four

  • Log Jammer
  • Mill Race
  • Shenandoah Log Flume
  • Splash Mountain

III Three

  • American Plunge
  • Coal Cracker
  • Log Jamboree


Original Three

  • Enterprise Wheel (styled after the Huss Enterprise)
  • Nightmare Drop (styled after the Intamin 1st Gen Drop Tower)
  • Pirate Ship (styled after the Huss Pirate Ship)

II four

  • Inverted Pirate Ship (styled after the Phoenix ride from Busch Gardens Tampa)
  • Magic Carpet
  • Space Ship (styled after the Huss Ranger)
  • Tower of Terror


Original Six

  • Carousel (styled after the PTC carousel)
  • Double Deck Carousel (styled after the Great America carousel)
  • Ferris Wheel (styled after the Great Adventure Ferris Wheel)
  • Hershey Kiss Tower (originally going to be a generic observation tower, but due to Hersheypark's sponsorship request, it was changed)
  • Jumping Jumbos (styled after the Dumbo ride from Disney parks)
  • Small World (Themed after It's A Small World, per Disney's request)
  • Swinger (styled after the Zierer Wave Swings)


Original Four

All of the original four kiddie rides are small carousel style rides.

  • Dune Buggies
  • Ladybugs
  • Motorcycles
  • Pick Up Trucks

II Four

  • Flying Ladybugs (based on the Zamperla Mini Jet ride)
  • Mini Magic Carpet (based the Zamperla Crazy Bus ride; smaller version of the Magic Carpet ride)
  • Junior Jumbos (based on the Zamperla Mini Jet ride; smaller version of the Jumping Jumbos ride)
  • Red Baron

Shops, Stands, and Services

Food Stands

Original Three

  • Burger Stand (styled after McDonalds)
  • Pizza Stand (styled after Pizza Hut)
  • Soda Stand (styled after Coca-Cola)


  • Roller Coaster Builder was one of the first PC games to be released on a CD-ROM.
  • The Sega CD port of Roller Coaster Builder is basically an expansion pack for the Sega Genesis cartridge port.
  • RCB X will be the last game to support Windows 7.


Roller Coaster Tycoon got sued by Roller Coaster Builder in 2000 for being too similar, however, Chris Sawyer won the case due to the fact that there was a campaign mode in his game but not RCB, which is solely focused on being a "SimCity of theme parks" and the fact he never even played Roller Coaster Builder when he made the game.



Beta Elements

Unused Content

Version Differences


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