Rosie Charlotte Anne Flournoy (b. 19th January, 1993) is a Kuboian singer, songwriter and actress of English heritage. She and her twin brother, Tyo, started their careers in 1999 at the age of six, when they appeared in a variety of television series such as Tone Riddles and Tack the Rat and later series of Charlie Karma and Friends. Alongside her acting career, Rosie is also a singer, who has had three number ones on the Karuboia chart.

Early life

Rosie was born on 19th January, 1993, the same day as her twin brother, Tyo Flournoy. Both of Rosie's parents are from England, and immigrated to Kuboia two years before the twins were born.

Personal life

When asked about her sexual orientation, Rosie mentioned that she was attracted to both genders, and is especially attracted to lipstick lesbians and effeminate boys.

Rosie has a total of five children, all with different fathers; Fly (b. 2007), Valerie (b. 2008), Esther (b. 2008), Pop (b. 2009) and Sunny (b. 2018).

Legal issues

In 2005, Rosie was sued by Japanese electronic company Nintendo for downloading and selling illegitimate copies of Mario Kart DS.

In October 2010, Rosie was fined €2,000 for possession and trading of cigarettes and other smoking equipment at a harbour in the Kuboian Cliffs.



As lead artist

As featured artist

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