Rosina Macellari (born November 4, 1959) is a Italian-American voice actress working for Gotaku at Boston City Sound Studios. She is best known for her role of Young Takeshi Sawada in Captain Tsubasa.

Outside of voice acting, Rosina has been active in Boston's theater scene since 1978. Rosina also is a freelance artist and has drawn several children's books. She is married to fellow voice actor Lyle Casey. Rosina is multilingual, speaking Italian and English as her native tongues and Spanish fluently.


Rosina was born in Salerno, Italy and raised in Buffalo, New York, U.S. and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1976, she and her parents moved to the Boston area, settling in Bay Village with Italian-American relatives who were displaced by the late 1950s West End redevelopment.

Her first voice acting role was in 1983 in the Powells Films production Race For The Way To Kookamunga! where she played little Smitty.

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