Ruby Core

         Ruby Core is a 1990 action-puzzle video game developed by Seymour Games and published by Theorysonic for TS-UGOS computers. Maxis ported the game to MS-DOS and Macintosh computers, while Drillimation Studios ported the game to Super Nintendo and Genesis.


The main objective of the game is players must retrieve a certain amount of rubies found underground within a time limit. Players are tasked with using a pickaxe and burrowing underground to retrieve the rubies. Stages are randomly generated with a set of enemies, traps, and items the player can encounter. Players are given a metal fly swatter to fend off bugs they encounter as some bugs can hurt the player. Players must also avoid traps that are randomly set, such as a rock or any sand/gravel that may fall on the player. Players also have twenty heart points, which are lost if they are attacked by a bug, and the game is over if all heart points are lost. Players can restore their heart points by eating worms that are scattered throughout the world.

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