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Ryan Samuels is a fictional character on the TV Generation drama series, Our Lives.

He is the adoptive son of Mitch Samuels and his first wife, Jasmine Price. He was adopted (along with his older siblings, Bridgette and Brendan) when he was 12 years old. He has two younger adoptive twin brothers: Jake and Darien.

From Mitch's remarriage, he has a younger stepbrother, Connor and four younger stepsisters: Karina, Alyssa, Finley, Savannah and Haylie.

He previously hosted the radio show, "Rush Time with the Samuels Bros." (along with his adoptive younger brother, Darien) on the 108.5 The Scene radio station located in Oakridge, Illinois and worked part-time as a nightclub promoter for the NyteLife nightclub owned by his good friends, Trent Parker and Jerome Robinson.

He is married to Bree Collins-Samuels, who he eloped with in the 7th season. In the 12th season, he and Bree became legal guardians to Bree's niece, Lucy after Bree's sister, Jeanette died of a drug overdose. He moves to Houston, Texas in the 15th season with Bree and Lucy after Bree gets a job promotion.


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