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Ryota Ružička (born January 13, 1939) is a Helvish-El Kadsreian film and voice actor. He is known for portraying Makuta Teridax, the main villain of the Bionicle series and Hikaru Kato in Quest for the Masks 2 and Bionicle VII: Sea of Darkness.

Early life

Ružička was born in Cosnofen to a Helvish father of Czech origin and a Japanese mother on January 13, 1939.

He was born with clubfoot on his right leg and suffers a few mental disorders. He spent his childhood in the wheelchair. Ružička wanted to become a child actor in Helvmark, but all Helvish film production companies rejected him because of his disability and his right deformed leg.

When he immigrated to El Kadsre City in 1953, he underwent surgery at El Kadsre Medical Center. After surgery, just to help the healing process, El Kadsreian doctors gave him a metal brace and the special pair of shoes.


Ružička started his acting career in 1957.

Personal life

He has been married to Sung Gim since 2003. He lives with his wife in Caelum.



Year Title Role Notes
1959 The Woman and the Gang Hiroshi Sakamoto
1961 Tennis Torko
1976 Saturn John Davis
1978 The World of Birth and Death Joe
1979 Winter Sleepers Rene
1982 Quest for the Masks 2 Hikaru Kato
1983 Quest for the Masks III: Mask of Light Makuta Teridax Voice only
1983 The Detective Adventures of Cathy Jones Hiro Hermann
1984 Bionicle IV: Legends of Metru Nui Makuta Teridax Voice only
1987 Bionicle VII: Sea of Darkness Hikaru Kato, Maxoils/Makuta Teridax
1994 In The End Daniel's Father
1996 Bionicle: The Next Generation Makuta Voice only
2001 Number One Michael
2002 Vlokozu Kato Ito
2010 Bloody Crayons Dr. Tan
2018 Westborough Douglas Frelaks Post-production


Year Title Role Notes
1962-1977, 2003 Neighbours Gorou Yamaguchi
1990 Bionicle X: The Journey's End Makuta Teridax Television movie
2016 Countryballs: The Animated Series Saudi Arabiaball Voice role
Robotman vs. Technic Heroes Hikaru Kato Episode 12 only