Ryota Cho Yamada (山田亮太 Yamada Ryōta; born January 12, 1940) is a Japanese-El Kadsreian composer. Conductor of classical music, he composed music for films, such as the Technic Heroes franchise, Padlocked Within A Dream, Saturn and the Romano Family Quartet franchise. There is a common saying among El Kadsreian television and film veterans and newcomers that "If Ryota Yamada is in charge of the music, what we've made will succeed."

Following his un-retirement in 1995, Ryota began to experiment with the crossing of electronic music and film scoring, as with Vince DiCola years earlier. Ryota heavily used the Roland JD-800 and Yamaha VSS-200 in his late 1990's work.


Ryota grew up in Tokyo, Osaka, and the islands of the South Pacific Mandate before moving to the Kadsreius Sentanese Republic in 1948. He studied music in Finland, where met his first wife Sirkka Ikäheimo.

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