SBS TV is a cable television channel founded in 1989 that produces El Kadsreian English, Japanese and Spanish dubs and public service. That also comes with an SBS 2 on air. SBS has different programming compared to its Australian counterpart.

SBS 2017

Former logo (2017-2019).


SBS was launched on cable television on June 1, 1989 by the El Kadsreian government under the authorization of the Australian government.

Current programming

News & information

  • 8 1/2 (1992-present)

International news

  • NHK News (Japan) [1989-present]
  • VBC News (Vicnora) [1989-present]
  • KBC News (Narthernee) [1989-present]
  • BBC World News (United Kingdom) [1995-present] [Also aired on El TV Kadsre 5]

Original programs

  • Dateline El Kadsre (1992-present)
  • Tracks (1997-present)
  • Food Battle (2009-present)
  • TeleBingo (2005-present)

International programs

  • Sing! China [2016-present]

Anime (with Japanese dub)

  • One Piece (2006-present)
  • Dragon Ball Super (2018-present) (also aired on BTV Me)


Former programming

International news

  • ITN World News (UK) [1989-1995]

Original programs

  • TV Hell (1992-1993)

International programs

  • Say Aah (Netherlands) [1989-1996]
  • The West Wing (USA) [2000-2007]
  • Travelers (Canada) [2017-2019]
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