SL TV (formerly Channel 5 Sealandia until December 1971 and Sealandic TV until January 1974) is a Sealandic television channel which airs comedy-related TV shows. SL TV became the most watched television channel in Sealandia throughout 1998-2003. In February 1991, the channel got Spanish, German and Dutch audio tracks.

Slogan History

1990-2005: Your destination for funny!

2005-2014: We got it all

2014-present: Sealandia gets comedy


Beginning: 1970-1990

SL TV launched on February 12th 1970 as Channel 5 Sealandia on basic satellite television with the channel number obviously being 5. The name Channel 5 Sealandia was scrapped in February 1971. Channel 5 Sealandia's programming consisted of many American comedies which it still has many of today. It was quickly renamed a year later into Sealandic TV, but this name would also be quickly scrapped as well. On January 16th 1974, Sealandic TV was renamed into SL TV which is a abbreviation of the former name. The programming was still the same.

Golden Age: 1990-2005

On December 9th 1990, SL TV introduced its first original series Detective Cheeseburger, a mystery series which would prove to be a massive hit. They also introduced a children's programming block known as SL TV Kids, which would become its own channel in 1992 known as Kids NeTV, which would later close in 2005 due to financial reasons and low viewership. Around 1991-2004, SL TV would keep producing more hit original series.

The Dark Age: 2005-2019

Many fans call this age “the dark age”, because SL TV recieved a huge quality drop around early 2005 by ending all of there original series from the Golden Age. They also introduced a new slogan “We Got It All” and many hated new series like The Bob Bobson Show and Garpaula Boys which are massively hated due to crude humor and too many gross-out jokes. This era in late 2019 ended due to most of the shows from this era getting cancelled.

Renaisance Era: 2019-present

This era started in late 2019 when most of the “bad” shows from the dark age premiered their series finale and some of SL TV's biggest shows like Cat Crime Fighters! came from this era as well. This is the current era.

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