From 1997-2003, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch aired on Banushen Television, replacing The John Larroquette Show, until it was replaced by Luis. The show was originally scheduled to debut in October 1996 to replace Hope & Gloria, but then-Banushen CEO Darren Cody didn't have a buzz to the show in its timeslot, causing Sabrina to delay to January 12, 1997, so instead Banushen Television is picking up The Single Guy from CPN, who removed the show from the schedule, and placed The Single Guy in its timeslot intended for Sabrina, starting with the season 1 episode that was skipped over from CPN, "Neighbors", which featured Ross (David Schwimmer) from Friends in it. Just before the actual series premiered, the TV movie aired on December 15, 1996 in El Kadsre. There are a series of temporarily replacements to the show in its timeslot, such as Costello in 1999 and The Pitts in 2003.

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