Sadmerafa (Sadmerafian: Кро; Kro), officially known as, Communist Republic of Sadmerafa (Sadmerafian: Камунса Шегрул Кро; Kamunsa Shegrul Kro) is a country in Asia, located in the Caspian Sea. It is one of the only communist countries present today.


Tuz Principality (1256-1671)

In 1256 AD, Sheber Tuz established the Tuz Principality. They fought wars against the Barbarians.


The state-owned broadcaster is Kro Sòntrili Ratti a Teleyvessin (Кро Сòнтрил Ратти а Телеивессин). The main terrestrial television channels are KSRT Òsh Brugaami (КCРТ Òш Бруграми), KSRT Yaal Brugraami (КСРТ Яал Бруграми), CapitalTV, Channel Globe, Òjor Center Television etc.

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