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'Saeko Inagaki' (Japanese: 稲垣冴子, Hepburn: Inagaki Saeko) is a Michigan-based Japanese actress, musician and sound editor.


Inagaki was born in Tokyo to her parents. In the 1960's and the 1970's, as both a child and a teen, she appeared in supporting roles in various films and educational films.

On December 27, 1978, wishing to live in a foreign country, Inagaki moved to Boston, Massachusetts after her 21th birthday, where she would later move on to portray foreigners and compose some music for American films and Boston City Sound Studios would go on to employ her 13 years later. She served as a sound editor.

In 2010, Inagaki left Boston City Sound Studios and moved to Detroit, Michigan, where she would join Sunrise Sound Services to continue her sound design career.

Outside of work, Inagaki enjoys yoga and the outdoors, sharpens her Nintendo Wii playing skills with her son Jerry, and designs unique greeting cards.

Sound effects libraries she uses

NOTE: Boldface indicates main library usage.

  • 3D SFX
  • Animal Trax
  • Background Trax
  • Cartoon Trax Volume 1
  • Cartoon Trax Volume 2
  • Citi Trax
  • The Edge Edition Volume 1
  • Elektra Records - Authentic Sound Effects Volume 2 (1964)
  • Foley Sound Library
  • The General HD Sound Effects Collection
  • The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library
  • Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library
  • HollywoodEdge (Europe Edition)
  • The Premiere Edition Volume 1
  • The Premiere Edition Volume 2
  • The Premiere Edition Volume 4
  • The Premiere Edition Volume 7
  • The Premiere Edition Volume 9
  • The Premiere Edition Volume 10
  • Production Elements Toolkit Vol. 1
  • Series 1000 Sound Effects Library
  • Series 2000 Sound Effects Library
  • Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library
  • Series 6000 Extension I Sound Effects Library
  • Series 8000 Science Fiction Sound Effects Library
  • Signature Series - Peter Michael Sullivan
  • Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library

Favorite Sound Effects