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Sagwa's Siamese Life is a Canadian-American television series that aired as part of PBS Kids Go! and The RKO Roadshow from 2005-2008. The series is a continuation of Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat and follows the adventures of Sagwa Miao in various adventures that teach valuable life lessons.

The first two seasons, airing on PBS, had 26 episodes in the first and 39 episodes in the second, totaling 65 episodes. A third season was ordered by PBS with 13 episodes, while the RKO Network ordered the fourth season with 40 additional episodes, with both the third and fourth seasons airing simultaneously on PBS and the RKO Network respectively. The series concluded with 108 episodes.


The Palace

The Alleyways



Conception and staffing

The show was created after PBS brought in the consultant firm Ardolino & Associates (an agency consisting of a international network of consultants with psychology PhDs along with advertising, marketing and research professionals) to "revitalize" several of their kids shows.

Among the writers were Thomas LaPierre, Heidi Foss, Katherine Sandford, Joseph Purdy, Robert Lamoreaux, Jon Minnis, Xavier Eggers, Anne-Marie Perrotta, Tean Schultz, Claire Holden Rothman, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Jacques E. Bouchard, Atul N. Rao, Rick Jones, Simon Furman, Nisha Muire, Arthur Holden, and Susan Glover. Jones, Holden, and Glover also did voice roles on the show.

For Seasons 2 and 3, part of the production was moved to France with SIP Animation and France Télévisions joining production.


The theme song was composed by Hannes Guzzi, Jacie Brisby and Barry Berlin. In Seasons 1-2, the vocals were performed by Terrence Scammell and Oliver Grainger, the original voice actors for Lik-Lik and Dongwa, but for Season 3-4 the vocals were re-recorded by Joanne Vannicola and Luciano Zambrano, the new voice actors for Lik-Lik and Dongwa.

The show's music included original songs as well as covers, as performed by the voice actors and/or the singing voices.

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