Sagwa Pictures (2019-)

Sagwa Pictures is a Brazillian-El Kadsreian-American-Canadian-Japanese-Arabic-Hebrew company that produces cartoons, feature films, short films and also helps in illustrating books. They do cartoons since 1951, feature/short films since 1985, and illustrates books since 2003. In 1951, Sagwa Pictures was founded by El TV Kadsre as part of a deal with Hanna-Barbera. In 1999, it was bought by CINAR (now DHX Media), but it was later bought by the Brazillian company Belli Studio in circa 2009, making the end of a great partnership.



Title Year Note Client
The Adventures of Waddle the Duck 1951-present Production El TV Kadsre 5
BANG! 1981-2004 Production El TV Kadsre 2


Arthur 1996-present Character Design PBS Kids


Pecola 2001-2002 3D Rendering Qubo
Super WHY! 2007-2016 Animation PBS Kids
Fishtronaut 2009-2018 Character Design Discovery Kids


Duck-Ticks and Catapults Unknown Character Design TV Brasil
My Big Big Friend 2010-2011 Animation Discovery Kids


Pingu in the City 2017-present 3D Rendering NHK

ABC Australia

Boris e Rufus 2018-present Animation Disney XD
StickDos April 2019-present Production Comedy Central

Feature films

Film name Year Notes Co-produced with
BANG: The Movie 1999 Production Lionsgate
The Backyardigans: International Super Spy trilogy 2007 3D Rendering Nickelodeon

Nick Jr.

Peixonauta: O Filme 2016 Character Design TV Pinguim

Belli Studio

Short films

Film name Year Notes Client
My Friend Rabbit 2002 Production Nelvana


  • This is the only animation studio to co-produce Boris e Rufus.
    • Because of this, the company is high in drugs.
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