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Saint Touko II of Syoransk (Fukawan Naegic: Sancte-Touko e'2 duzh Syoraska - Санцте-Тоуко еь2 дуж Сёраска), or known by her real name, Tokuko Mitsushima, ACCF STN was a Fabellan Japanese Catholic revolutionary, politician, founder of the Sisters of the Flower of Hope (Сестры цветка надежды - Sestry Tsvetka Nadezhdy, STN) and the first who established the Apostolic Catholic Church of the Federation.

She is considered "the Patron Saint of all Fabellics, the Church, the Principality of Fukawa, and the Union of the glorious nation", since she was canonized by the Apostolic Patriarch and the Pope in 2001.