Sallallahu Ya Allah (Known in Barokian as Barokia, Barokia, Ghada) is the national anthem of Barokia, adopted in 1914 and still remains as the national anthem. The lyrics was written in 1910 by Hamdud Al-Imrad.


Has 3 stanzas. First one in Barokian, second one in English and the third one in Arabic, as both Barokian, English, and Arabic are the official languages of Barokia.

First Stanza

بارکي, بارکي, غاد
Barokia, Barokia, Ghada
Barokia, Barokia, Father.

‎چي طاݮليکا ݓاچا
Che Tadzilika Tacha
Our Great Nation.


الحراما فادا ‎‎پجݚا دخو ‎
Pajada Daku Harama Fada
Give Peace and no Danger To Us

چي ازادي ڼابيو شندارا
Che Azadi Nyabiu Shandara
Our Free, Beautiful Land (x2)

Second Stanza

We stand in the land of South America.

Islam, Christianity, everywhere in the land.

O' Allah! You are the greatest!

Save and protect our peaceful land!

Land of Barokia! (x2)

Third Stanza

صلىالله يا الله
Sallallahu Ya Allah
Peace Upon You, God

نحن أحرار من المستعمرين العرب
Nahn 'Ahrar Min Almustaemarin Alearab
We are free from the Arab Colonists

الله! الله! الله!
Allah! Allah! Allah!
God! God! God!

احفظ أرضنا من أي كوارث!
Aihfuz 'Ardina Min 'Ayi Kwarth!
Save Our Land from any disasters!

أنت الوحيد! أنت الوحيد! أنت الوحيد!
'Ant Alwahida! 'Ant Alwahida! 'Ant Alwahida!
You are the one! You are the one! You are the one!

!الله هو الأمل الوحيد لسلامتنا وسلامتنا البقرة
Allah Hu Al'amal Alwahid Lisalamatina Wasalamatina Al Baqrah!
Allah is the only hope for our safety and for Barokia!

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