Sandra Sophia Robertson (B. 1985) is a Finnish-born Engarian politician, former government spokesperson, and current prime minister of Engary. She is the second woman to be Prime Minister since Paula Rose, who has been prime minister since 2014.

Early Life

Sandra was born in Helsinki in 1985 Where Her Parents Lived. She was born to both a Finnish Father and a Finnish Mother. After her mother died when she was 3 Years old, she was raised by her father. She Moved out of Finland and in 2003, She Moved to Engary.

As Government Spokesperson (2012 - 2018)

Sandra's Political Career First Began In 2012 When She was named as the Government's Spokesperson. In 2014, She was absent from the Weekly News Conference When She Married Casey Gallagher, a Engarian Tennis Player. Many MPs have Congratulated Sandra on the Marriage.

In 2015, Sandra Announced during a News Conference that she is Pregnant and she is expecting her baby. She Temporarily Stepped down And Takes a Maternity Leave. Quentin Evans Was Later Named as the Temporary Government Spokesperson.

Sandra Stepped Down as Government's Spokesperson in 2018 In order to Focus on her 2018 General Election Campaign.

As Prime Minister (2018 - Present)

On May 10th, 2018, Sandra was Elected as Prime Minister, Thus Making the 2nd Woman to Ever be Elected as Prime Minister, the First being Paula Rose.

She was Inaugurated on June 20th. During Sandra's Inauguration Speech, She announced that she is pregnant and she is due to Give birth to a baby in about a Few Months.

On November 10th, 2018, Sandra Have  Attended the Funeral of Dan Chen Who Died in September After Committing Suicide.

Personal Life

Sandra Is Currently Married to Engarian Tennis Player Casey Gallagher Since 2014. After Sandra Became Prime Minister in 2018, She and her Husband, As well as her Children, Currently Lives in Joseph Palace Where the President of Engary Also Resides There. Sandra Has 3 Children, Known as Darcey, Jon, and Pippa.

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