Sankuro is a city in the West El Kadsreian State. It is a fifth-largest city in El Kadsre. The official languages are English, Japanese, Cantonese, Hakka, Mandarin, and Korean.

Sankuro has a largest Korean population in El Kadsre and it is known as "Factory City" or "Manufacturing Capital of El Kadsre", as it has over 500 factories in the area manufacturing over $30 million worth of goods per year.


Early Years: 1866-1922

The city was settled with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vicnoran tribes.

Sankuro: 1922-1969

After more Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Asian people immigrated to Sentanese Empire, Sankuro was founded.

Vlokozu Union: 1969-1989

Modern Sankuro: 1989-present


The Sankuro SlapShots are a baseball club from the city, playing in the EKBL as of 2018.


Notable people

Born in Sankuro

Lived in Sankuro

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