Garbiñe Fernanda Calderón, better known as Sapphire, (born October 2, 2003) is an El Kadsreian television presenter. She has been a presenter for the ETVKK block and the ETVKK channel since January 6, 2018.


Sapphire was born to a Puerto Rican mother, María Alejandra Xóchitl Calderón (born 1970), and a Brazilian-El Kadsreian father, Mario Evilásio Salomão (born 1968). Her father is known for bringing back Portuguese-style bullfighting to El Kadsre.

She joined the ETVKK presenters' time in 2018, having trained under Gaylord Archer in 2017.

Personal life

As of 2018, she is dating El Kadsreian actor Denny Gott.

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