Schaalberg is a El Kadsreian territory located in Oceania off the coast of Western New Guinea, Indonesia.


Early history (28th century BC-1693)

Colonization era (1693-1889)

German era (1889-1919)

First Sentanese era (1919-1942)

Japanese occupation (1942-1944)

Second Sentanese era (1944-1969)

During the rule of Greek military junta, many Greeks immigrated to Schaalberg to escape the regime.

Vlokozu era (1969-1989)

On November 11, 1969, Michael Vlokozu take over the territory and became a Vlokozu state.

Modern era (1989-present)

After Vlokozu Union was dissolved, it became automatically an El Kadsreian territory.



Most of Schaalberg's radio stations are on the FM band. The nation is linked to the El Kadsre, Germany and Indonesia by satellite communications for telephone and television services.

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