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Schuyler Lake Mall (formerly known as Wegman Mall from 1977-1983, Xanadu Schuyler Lake Mills - Destination: Mall (1991-1997), and Schuyler Lake Mills from 1997-2007) is a super regional shopping mall located in Geneva, New York with a Rochester mailing address. The mall has six anchors. The mall is owned and managed by Wilmorite Properties. Schuyler Lake's main mall rival is Eastview Mall.

The mall originally had a similar layout to Century III Mall.


Schuyler Lake Mall was developed by Wegmans Food Markets and the DeBartolo Corporation. The mall opened in 1977 as "Wegman Mall" with six anchors; Sibley's (now Macy's), Sears (closed in 2020), McCurdy's, Best Products (closed in 1996; now P.C. Richard & Son), Wegmans, and JCPenney.

In 1983, Wegmans sold its 50% stake in the mall to the Schuyler family, resulting in the mall being renamed to Schuyler Lake Mall, named after the nearby amusement park. An expansion was done after DeBartolo became the sole owner of the mall, the expansion included the addition of five anchor stores Montgomery Ward, B. Altman (opened in the mall in the mall's former skatepark), Alexander's (now Ollie's Bargain Outlet), Toys "R" Us, and an outparcel Chase-Pitkin home improvement store. In 1988, DeBartolo sold the mall to The Mills Corporation. In 1989 construction began on an expansion including a parking garage with some additional retail space and a food court that was to be completed in 1991.


Xanadu Schuyler Lake Mills - Destination: Mall

In 1991 Schuyler Lake Mall was renamed "Xanadu Schuyler Lake Mills - Destination: Mall". The expansion included a Carrefour store, which closed in 1993 and has since been converted into a Walmart Supercenter. Also a Sesame Place indoor play park was added.

Several new dinning options opened at Schuyler Lake Mills during the 1990s including Benihana, Rainforest Cafe, and Kahunaville.

In 1997, the "Xanadu" name was dropped from Schuyler Lake Mills including the "Destination: Mall" slogan following a makeover.

2000s sale to Wilmorite

In 2006, The Mills Corporation sold Schuyler Lake Mall to Wilmorite and the "Schuyler Lake Mall" name was restored in 2007.


Schuyler Lake Mall has seen at least two major renovations in 1997 and in 2013.


  • From 1977 to 1996, the mall had a suspended monorail that went around the mall, the suspended monorail was scrapped, but the trains were reused for a similar installation in Europe.
  • Macy's still has the Sibley's logo on the floor to the in mall entrance.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall had fountains in the shapes of four of the Finger Lakes; Canandaigua Lake, Seneca Lake, Kekua Lake, and Cayuga Lake in the mall center court.
  • The management offices and membership services for Six Flags Schuyler Lake are located in the mall.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall was home of one the first "chain" Abercrombie & Fitch stores that opened under Limited Brands' ownership.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall still has the Mills era "neighborhood" sections.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall is consider the flagship mall for Wilmorite.
  • Schuyler Lake Mall's Walmart was the first Walmart Supercenter store in the state of New York.

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