Scopescreen Media is a Kuboian animation studio based in the Kuboian Cliffs in North Kuboia. The studio was founded in 1993 by Evan Ridley and Rodrick Miles.


Evan Ridley and Rodrick Miles founded Scopescreen Media in 1993. Initially owned by both of the two, Miles intended the studio would make educational content for younger children that would be aired on Bumper's Block. Creative differences, however, lead to Miles abandoning the studio in 1996.

Scopescreen Media produced two school programmes, Number Crunch and Alpha Star, during the mid-1990s. A feature-length film, Orbshark, was also released in cinemas in 1997.

As time went on, Scopescreen Media moved away from its original purpose, and started producing animated films targeted towards an older audience. The studio was made dormant in 2010 following the underperformance of their films produced in the mid and late 2000s.


Theatrical films

TV series


Critical reception

Film Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
Orbshark 60% (10 reviews) 58 (7 reviews)
Down to Earth 74% (85 reviews) 68 (50 reviews)
Save the Rhino 77% (86 reviews) 71 (55 reviews)
Royal Heroines 11% (77 reviews) 17 (36 reviews)
Snowman 39% (93 reviews) 49 (28 reviews)
Little Amy 65% (81 reviews) 57 (30 reviews)
A Fahrbahnin Story 79% (68 reviews) 70 (25 reviews)

Box office

Film Budget Box office
Orbshark €340,000 €3.2 million
Down to Earth €9 million €77 million
Save the Rhino €25 million €281 million
Royal Heroines €40 million €23 million
Snowman €20 million €44 million
Little Amy €13 million €49 million
A Fahrbahnin Story €12 million €36 million
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