Sea world Grand Bend is a theme park that opened in 2006. It is owned and operated by Sea World. In 2012, it got a major expansion, which added a major new coaster known as Kraken, a B&M hyper coaster, and a large new area with many new stores.

Rides and attractions

Roller coasters

Name Type Opened
Squid B&M Inverted coaster 2006
Rescue Mission Intamin launched coaster 2006
Kraken B&M Hyper coaster 2006
Shark Sky Rocket 2 2011
Manta B&M Wing Coaster 2020


Name Type Opened
Otter Tails Sea Otter Show 2006
Otter High Sea Otter Show 2006
Shamu Staduim Killer Whale Show 2006
Dophin days Dophin Show 2006
Santa Monica Beach Dog and pet show 2006
Splash Zone Whale Show 2011


Name Type Opened
Infity Falls Intamin river rafts 2006
Atlantis Mack Rides Water Coaster 2006
Sky Tower Intamin Sky Tower 2011
Empire Of

The Penguins

Dark Ride 2011
Wild Aratic Dark ride 2006
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