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Seahaus is an El Kadsreian territory located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the American states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine and the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

It is reachable by the border bridge in Rockport, Massachusetts in the south and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in the north. It is also accessible by ferry from Hampton Beach, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine for American visitors and families of American expat residents.


Seahaus was (and still is) inhabited by Abenaki Indians. Seahaus was disputed, as it was claimed by Canada and the U.S. states of Maine and New Hampshire throughout much of it's history. In 1963, the dispution of the island has been solved as it was declared a territory of East El Kadsre instead of becoming the 51st state of the United States or the 11th province of Canada in 1963 after talks with the Abenaki Tribes, the United States government, and the Canadian government about the largely unheard-of island's future. It was a territory of the Vlokozu Union until it broke up which caused Seahaus to become a territory of El Kadsre.


Most of Seahaus' radio stations are on the FM band. The nation is linked to the El Kadsreian Islands by satellite communications for telephone and television service.

The territory of Seahaus is served by several television stations.

Local cable provider Laverne Town Cable, operating across the island, carries North American, El Kadsreian, and Australian TV channels in dual-NTSC and PAL.

Fire Services

There are four fire stations in Seahaus.

  • David Vlokozu Airport has it's own fire service.
  • Laverne Town Fire Service - Located in Laverne Town with five apparatuses – 2 pumpers, aerial and hazmat.
  • Tukkoyen Fire Service - Located in Tukkoyen with five apparatuses – aerial, hazmat, water tanker, and 2 pumpers.
  • Southport Fire Service - Located in Southport with three apparatuses – hazmat, larger pumper, and aerial.
  • Jammell Fire Service - Located in Jammell with four apparatuses – aerial, 2 pumpers, and hazmat.

While most apparatus are older second hand units from North America, Tukkoyen acquired an Iveco M250 water tanker surplus from Belgium in 2015 and an EKFE 398 aerial ladder from El Kadsre in 2017.


Culver's opened a 100-seat restaurant, their second outside the United States, in Southport in 2012. The franchise is owned by Malaysian restaurant franchising group Nom!Nom!Co. Berhad. A McDonald's opened in 1988, and five Dunkin' Donuts are open in the territory.