Sealandia is a democratic island country near North America. Originally found by Britain and Spain in 1847, it got its complete independence from both countries in 1899. In 1879 the French found northern Sealandia but all of the French left in 1885 due to it being too cold. The country's flag had a union jack on it until 1899. On February 19th 2020 the Coronavirus came to Sealandia. So far 1000 people have died and 57 people there is a total of 10000 Cases of it which caused the country to go on lockdown. have been recovered, the legal drinking age in Sealandia is 25 Sealandia Discovered The Sealandic Islands


The Crime Rate in Sealandia is really High at least 999,999 crimes every year crime is more common in the Northern Part


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anyone born in Sealandia has Sealandic citizenship no matter what what country their parents are from. You cannot usually emigrate unless you have family there or were from there and left for a while. You can also emigrate to Sealandia if you are under a work visa you may live there for a certain amount of time.

People and Trends

  • Same-Sex Marriage was legalized in 2004
  • Every August 30th Most of the people there celebrate Sealandia Day, the day it got independence from Britain and Spain in 1899

Food from Sealandia

  • Sealandic Doughnut: it is a doughnut stuffed with chicken and tree sap
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