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Sealandia (officially the Republic of Sealandia) is a democratic island country near North America. Sealandia controls Northern Zivia.


Sealandia was originally inhabited by Pacific Islanders before the British and Spanish found it and enslaved them. They were freed after a brutal war in which almost 35% of inhabitants on the island died.


Sealandia was originally founded by Britain and Spain in 1787, it got its complete independence from both countries in 1899. Twenty years back in 1879, however, the French founded New Sealandia, although they couldn't handle the freezing conditions and left within 10 years. There are still some French people in the country to this day. The German and Dutch came to the country and both tried to colonize, resulting in a war between Britian, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany on October 12th, 1891. The war ended on August 30th, 1895, but the Spanish, Dutch and German were allowed to stay under British rule in 1988. The Indians declared independence which caused yet another war that's known as the Sealandic Independence War, which would last from February 5th, 1897 to August 30th 1899. The country's flag also had a union jack on it until 1899.


Crime in Sealandia is quite high due to the tensions still present from the two recent wars it experienced. Most crimes occur in the Fortress region.


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To officially acquire citizenship to Sealandia, you must know English and live in Sealandia for a minimum of 3 years, reduced from 5 in 1954 and 7 in 1899..

People and Trends

  • Same-Sex Marriage (also known as Gay Marriage) was legalized in 1999
  • Every August 30th, most inhabitants celebrate Sealandia's Day of Independence, the day it got independence from Britain and Spain in 1899.

Food from Sealandia