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German|extinct_language(s) = |denonym = Sealandic
German|extinct_language(s) = |denonym = Sealandic
Sealandian|president = |governor = |currency = Sea Buck (SB)|date_format = MM/DD/YYYY|drives_on_the = Left|internet_tld = .Sl|website = Sealandia.Gov.Sl|image1 = 84179158-0F63-495A-8C47-07A0DC8799B2.png|ethnic_groups = 50% English
Sealandian|president = |governor = |currency = Sea Buck (SB)|date_format = MM/DD/YYYY|drives_on_the = Left|internet_tld = .Sl|website = Sealandia.Gov.Sl|image1 = Sealandia Map 3 yay oh boy .png|ethnic_groups = 50% English
20% Spanish
20% Spanish

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Sealandia (Offically the Republic of Sealandia) is a democratic island country near North America.


Sealandia was originally inhabited by Indians before the British and Spanish Found it and enslaved them The Indians were let free 4 years later also under the British Rule


Sealandia was Originally found by Britain and Spain in 1847, it got its complete independence from both countries in 1899 altho In 1879 the French found The northern half Sealandia altho Northern Sealandia is really cold so most of the French left in 1885 due to it being too cold most of the French left There is still some french people in The Country to this day on January 13th, 1963 The German and Dutch came to the country and both tried to colonize it which caused a war between The British, Spanish, Dutch and German to happen on October 12th, 1891 the war ended on August 30th, 1895 However The Spanish, Dutch and German was allowed to stay under British rule in 1988 The Indians Declared Independence which caused yet another war is known as the Sealandic Independence War. which would last February 5th, 1897 - August 30th 1899. The country's flag also had a union jack on it unt, il 1899.


The Crime Rate in Sealandia is really High at least 999,999 crimes every year crime is more common in the Northern Part, The Southern part is safe for the most part.


Main Article: Education in Sealandia


anyone born in Sealandia has Sealandic citizenship no matter what country their parents are from altho you will also have your Parents Citizenship as well. You cannot usually, emigrate unless you have family there or were from there and left for a while. You can also emigrate to Sealandia if you are under a work visa you may live there for a certain amount of time. Sealandia also has Freedom of Movement

People and Trends

  • Same-Sex Marriage was legalized in 2004
  • Every August 30th Most of the people there celebrate Sealandia Day, the day it got independence from Britain and Spain in 1899

Food from Sealandia

  • Sealandic Doughnut: it is a doughnut stuffed with chicken and tree sap