The Sega DVD (known in Japan and Europe as the Mega DVD) is an Add-on for the Sega CD released in 1995, which is the same year the DVD Format was released.


Screenshot tv

Toy Story on a Sega DVD.

This Add-on allows you to play DVDs in a Sega CD, The Audio gets converted into CD-Audio, The Image gets squished into 256x80, then it gets squished back to 256x224 (though 320x224 is commonly used), There are only 16 colors (with the transparent color being Black), The Color Palette gets updated each frame.



Error Screen. They knew it wasn't going to last forever.

  • Recent DVDs are incompatible with this Add-on because they are in HD, and that would take a Long Time to render and convert.
  • The DVD Menus are replaced with Simple Menus.
  • This Add-on was released late in the Console's Lifespan as Sega was about to release the Saturn.
  • This was commonly used by kids when they got their DVD player taken away back in the 90s.
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