Software Horizons and Sega El Kadsre Ltd released the Game Gear in El Kadsre in 1991.

At first, the Game Gear was at the center of controversy as disabled persons organizations and Approach Software attacked Sega and Software Horizons for the Game Gear's initial El Kadsreian marketing which, similar to the Game Gear's American marketing, included side-by-side comparisons of the Game Gear with either a pixelated Game Boy (due to El Kadsreian laws against comparative advertising) or a handheld LCD game and likened their players to the obese and uneducated, even going as far as to use the "If you were color blind and had an IQ of less than 12, then you wouldn't mind which portable you had." quote from one of the American ads. Software Horizons and Sega pulled the Game Gear from shelves before reissuing the recalled stock with new user's manuals which included an apology to disabled persons.

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