Sendarul Kisivoka (the first name given after his birth is Eniisi Lisika) is a famous Crootchistani dubbing actor and singer. He mostly performs songs in Crootch, but he is able to sing also in some other languages such as Basque or Polish.

He is supposed to be a rock singer, but he is more famous because, due to lack of other singers, he constantly performed different cartoon songs for the channels owned by CGT and for the Crootchistani Disney channel.

Voiced and sang

Muminach – theme and ending songs, as Snufkin (Kultari);

Finisi yek Ferhb – all the theme songs, as Finisi, many other songs;

Druvubodung Zeta – theme song;

GumiEridochi – all the theme songs;

Tarzan (Crootch) – all the songs;

Garfield rumigadum – all the theme songs, as Garfield;

Galkhotar – as Galkhotar;

Maya Savva – theme song;

The Simpsons (Crootch) – as Moe Szyslak;

Futurama (Crootch) – as John Zoidberg.

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