The Sentan Government House was the satellite offices of the main Vlokozu Union government from 1969-1989 and the seat of government for Sentan from 1919-1969 and 1989-2006.

The building is owned by the Sentanese government.


It was built from 1911-1915 as a gift from the people of China (but started out as a gift from the Great Qing) to Sentan, but remained unused until 1919.

In 2002, the Government House was criticality damaged by air raids during the Battle of Fusa along with the other buildings.

In 2006, four years after Gyönyörű Földünk's rule of Sentan ended, the seat of government moved to the newly-completed Fusa Forbidden City,

Currently, the Government House is used as a conference and expo center and concert venue, and also sees use as a emergency residence for the prime minister.


  • The Great Auditorium - A 1,047-seat music hall originally used for private music shows for the government. During the Gyönyörű Földünk era, propaganda singers such as Rocko Keski and Kitty Chanban sang in it. Since 2008, it is used for concerts (many of which are booked by El Kadsreian Melody Concerts and Shazam! Entertainment).
  • The Library - A library mostly containing educational works and geography works. Since 2012, it has been used as a public library, with weekend free music shows in the Multimedia Room booked by Shazam! Entertainment.
  • The Arena - A 8,000-seat arena, originally used for ice hockey. It is currently the home venue of the EKBA's Sentan Fusa B.C.
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