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Sesame Place Eruowood (Sesame Place EW) is children's amusement park located in Kahmbrel, Banoi. The park features attraction mostly for young children and their families. There is an area dedicated to large thrill rides for children and adults 48" and taller.


Sesame Place Eruowood first opened in 1989 with a replica of Sesame Street, a 150-foot tall Ferris wheel, a Muppet themed carousel, a giant play area dubbed the "Big Bird Bridge System", and a small water park.

In 2000, Big Kiddie Land opened with large scale rides and attractions in an attempt to cater to older children who have outgrown the more juvenille attractions at the park.

Current attractions

Sesame (Main) Street (introduced in 1989; a replica of Sesame Street located near the main gate)

  • Big Bird Bridge (suspension bridge connected to the Big Bird Steps and directly above the Big Bird Bridge System offering views of the park)
  • Big Bird Steps (the park's entranceway since the park's very beginning in 1989; wasn't removed unlike the Langhorne location in 2008)
  • Big Bird's Birdland (introduced in 1989; a walk through aviary with various live birds, formerly known as "Hoots' Birdland" [1989-2007])
  • Crawl Around (opened in 1989; a children's crawl tube maze made to look like Big Bird's legs that starts near the bottom of the Big Bird Steps at the park's entrance and leads to the Big Bird Court in the play system)
  • Sesame Studio (opened in 2000; a character meet and greet area)
  • Sky Wheel (opened in 1989; a 150-foot tall Vekoma Giant Ferris Wheel ride)
  • Sunny Day Carousel (opened 1989; a 36-foot Sesame Street-themed carousel manufactured by Chance Rides, formerly known as "Sesame-Go-Round [1989-2007], originally had no soundtrack (aside from various comments from Big Bird (this is one of several attractions in the park with his voice being heard) and the Ride Announcer(s)) until 2008, when they switched to fairground organ-style covers of various Sesame Street songs (whilst still keeping the comments from Big Bird and the announcer(s)), various posters featuring Big Bird about the new soundtrack were put around the park (2008 is also the year that the carousel of the same name made its debut at the Langhorne Sesame Place, with the same soundtrack))

Big Bird Bridge System (introduced in 1989; giant play area)

  • Big Bird's Court (a small playground and Big Bird's Nest, a large padded area with blocks kids 5 and under can build with and run around on)
  • Cookie Monster Mountain (opened in 1989; a tall blue mountain that kids 54" and under can attempt to scale on their own)
  • Echo Alley (opened in 1989; a walkway with an acoustic mirror dish at either end, AKA "Whisper Walls")
  • Elmo's Wet and Wild Slide (1989; a water slide that rider ride in dinghies in street clothes (somewhat smaller than most slides of its kind), formerly known as "Dinghy Slide" [1989-1999])
  • Ernie's Bed Bounce (opened in 1989; a huge, springy yellow air mattress)
  • Herry's Rope Climber (opened in 1989; hundreds of yards of cargo netting connected by 200 feet (61 m) of suspended net tunnels, AKA "Nets 'n Climb")
  • Monster Maze (opened in 1989; a maze of lightweight punching bags themed to monsters)
  • Mirror Cave (opened in 1989; AKA "Teleidoscope Temple")
  • Snuffy's Slides (opened in 1989; two long dry tube slides, formerly ended in a ball pit prior to 2007 now ends on a small soft air mattress)
  • Tunnels of Fun (opened in 1989)
  • Twiddlebug Garden (opened in 1989; a sandbox)
  • Zipity Zoomer (opened in 2013; an extra charge zip line ride, replaced The Count's Ballroom)

Monster Land (introduced in 1989 as "Sesame Place Carnival of Rides")

  • Elmo's Fun Train (opened in 1989; a Chance Rides CP Huntington train ride, formerly known as "Sesame Street Express" [1989-2002])
  • Elmo's World (opened in 2000; a small soft play area with slides and a ball pit for kids 5 and under)
  • Herry's Whammer (opened in 2003; A Zamperla Jumpin 16 ride)
  • Monster Clubhouse (opened in 2003; a treehouse themed jungle gym play tower for children under 12)
  • Monsterpiece Theater (opened in 1989; a live performance theater, formerly known as "Sesame Theater" [1989-2002])
  • Oscar's Scram!-bler (opened in 1989; a Scrambler ride)
  • Oscar's Wacky Taxis (opened in 2019; A Zamperla Convoy ride themed to taxis)
  • Slimey's Adventure (opened in 1989; a Zierer medium Tivoli roller coaster, the park's first roller coaster)
  • Super Grover's Vapor Trail (opened in 2003; A Vekoma Family Suspended Coaster)

The Count's Court (introduced in 1994)

  • Batty-Bat (opened in 1994; a Zamperla Telecombat ride themed to bats)
  • The Count Around (opened in 1989; a Mini Himalaya ride, formerly known as "Honk Around the Clock" [1990-1993] in the Sesame Place Carnival area)
  • The Count's Castle of Creatures (opened in 1994; an animal exhibit with nocturnal animals [EG. bats])
  • The Count's Cruisers (opened in 1994; a 1950s sports car guided track ride)
  • Dragon Coaster (opened in 2005; a Zierer Force Five roller coaster)

Big Kiddie Land (introduced in 2000; a ride area with larger thrill rides for older children and adults 48" and taller)

  • The Ark (opened in 2022; A Intamin Looping Starship ride relocated from Busch Gardens Tampa where it operated as "Phoenix" from 1984-2018)
  • Big Wheel (opened in 2000; Enterprise ride)
  • Colossal Challenge (opened in 2009; a playground simlar to the Big Bird Bridge for ages 8 years and older and over 48" tall)
    • Mega Moon Bounce (a lager version of Ernie's Bed Bounce)
    • Monster Mayhem (a cross between Grover's Rubber Band Maze and Monster Maze)
    • Net Challenge (similar to Herry's Rope Climber)
    • Super Slides (a pair dry slides)
  • The Count's Tower (opened 2000; Intamin Gyro Drop Tower ride)
  • Frazzle Dazzle Thrill Coaster (opened 2000; A B&M looping roller coaster, the park's only adult roller coaster, gained floorless trains in 2017)
  • Giant Flume Boat (opened in 2000; Shoot-the Chute water ride)
  • Spin Out (opened in 2014; a Zamperla Mega Disk'O ride)

Sesame Street Splash (introduced in 1989; water slide/park area)

  • Balancing Buoys (opened in 1989; a pool with floating platforms)
  • Bert and Ernie's Big Splash (opened in 1989; a pair of two mat water slides)
  • Big Bird's Rambling River (opened in 1989; a lazy river)
  • The Count's Founts (opened in 2000; a small pool with water blasters, replaced Aqua Challenge)
  • Grover's Surfin' Slide (opened in 1989, a mid-sized body slide that is partially enclosed)
  • Little Bird's Bird Bath (opened in 1989; a small kiddie pool for children under 54" inches tall)
  • Sesame Beach (opened in 1994; a wave pool)
  • Snuffle Funnel (opened in 2012; a ProSlide Tornado slide)
  • Twiddlebug Splash (opened in 1989; two small water slides for children 36"-54" tall)
  • Wave Slide (opened in 2008; a four lane kiddie water slide that uses the old Hand over Water pool)

Eateries, games, and gift shops

  • Build-A-Monster Workshop (opened in 2008; a Muppet/monster themed Build-A-Bear Workshop store located in Monster Land)
  • Big Game Arcade (opened in 2000; an arcade located in Big Kiddie Land)
  • Captain Ernie's Snack Ship (opened in 1989; a pirate ship themed snack bar located in Sesame Street Splash)
  • Charlie's Restaurant (opened in 1989; a sit down diner style restaurant located in Monster Land)
  • Cookie's Cafe (opened in 2003; an eatery selling cookies and other baked goods located in Monster Land)
  • Dippin' Dots (various stands throughout the park)
  • Don't Drop Inn (opened in 1989; a full service (sit down) restaurant serving "grouch" food located in Monster Land)
  • The Gift-It Shop (opened in 1989; the park's main gift shop located in Sesame (Main) Street, named after the Fix-It Shop)
  • Hooper's Store (opened in 1989; a snack bar located in Sesame (Main) Street)
  • Mega Munch (opened in 2000; a quick service restaurant located in Big Kiddie Land, the only place in the park that sells beer)

Former attractions

  • Aqua Challenge (1989-1999; an aquatic obstacle course, replaced with The Count's Founts)
  • Bert's Bed Bounce (1990-2007; due the the popular of the first (Ernie's) Bed Bounce a second one opened up, replaced with a seating area and a Dippin' Dots stand)
  • Chaos (2000-2013; a Chance Chaos ride, replaced with Spin Out)
  • Computer Gallery (1989-1999; an arcade with educational children's games, replaced with Sesame Studio)
  • The Count's Ballroom (1989-2012; a giant ball pit in a castle themed structure, replaced with Zipity Zoomer)
  • Grover's Rubber Band Bounce (1989-2007, replaced with a family restroom/diaper change complex)
  • Grown Ups Garden Lounge (1989-1999; a garden area reserved for adults 18 years of age and older, replaced with Frazzle Dazzle Thrill Coaster)
  • Herry's Hand over Water (1989-2007; a set of monkey bars and hanging rings over a pool, replaced with Wave Slide)
  • Little Monsters' House (1989-1999; a supervised indoor playroom where parents can drop off children under before they go in to the Grown Ups Garden, replaced with Giant Flume Boat)
  • Petting Zoo (1989-1999; replaced with restrooms for the Big Kiddie Land area)



  • Big Bird (1989-present)
  • Cookie Monster in a cookie jar (1989-present)
  • Little Bird (1989-present)
  • Oscar and Slimey (1989-present)


  • Ernie in a bathtub (1989-2005)

Character walk arounds


  • Abby Cadabby (2008-present)
  • Bert (1989-present)
  • Betty Lou (1989-prsent)
  • Big Bird (1989-present)
  • Cookie Monster (1989-present)
  • The Count (1989-present)
  • Elmo (1989-present)
  • Ernie (1989-present)
  • Grover/Super Grover (1989-present)
  • Honkers (1989-present)
  • Mr. Snuffleupagus (1989-present)
  • Rosita (1994-present)
  • Zoe (1994-present)


  • Baby Alice Snuffleupagus (1994-present)
  • Herry Monster (1989-present)
  • Sam the Robot (1989-present)
  • Sherlock Hemlock (1989-present)


  • The Amazing Mumford (1989-2012)
  • Dingers (1989-2019)
  • Frazzle (1989-1999; first walk around character to be retired)
  • Hoots the Owl (1989-2019)
  • Guy Smiley (1989-2007)
  • Kingston Livingston III (1994-2012)
  • Roosevelt Franklin (1989-2007)
  • Two-Headed Monster (1989-2007)


  • This park is owned by SeaWorld Entertainment, but operated by ERPT Development.
  • Sesame Place Eruowood has been smoke and tobacco free since opening day.
    • When it opened, it was the only park to be entirely smoke and tobacco free in the country of Eruowood.
  • The park has had costumed Sesame Street characters since opening day.
  • Mega Munch is the only eatery in the park that sells beer.
    • Sales are limited to one beer per customer ID per day.
  • The Count's Ballroom was the last ball pit to be removed from the park in 2012.
  • Some Eruowood specific Sesame Street segments in the 1990s were filmed at the park.
  • Don Music was originally planned to be an animatronic character at the park, but was scrapped due to his headbanning actions.
  • In June 1991, Burger King had a Kids Club Meal toy promotion to promote the park.
  • The Frazzle walk around character was retired due to the costume scaring kids.
  • Big Bird has been the park's main mascot from 1989-1999. Now Elmo has been the park's main mascot since 2000.

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