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Since 1976, Sesame Street aired in Eruowood on ERPT 1.

Since 2005, ERPT 1 has been airing modified "episodes" consisting of three or four segments as an interstitial between preschool programming.


Sesame Street videos have been released in Eruowood by various home media companies over the years starting in 1984 with the Ermery Video releases.


  • ERPT 1 (original run; 1976-present)
  • ERPT 2 (reruns; 1980-2014)
  • ERPT abc (reruns of seasons 25 to 30; 2004-present)
  • TechEruo Kids (select episodes reruns; 1999-present)


  • Eruowood never got a proper co-production of Sesame Street. Instead the American version has be broadcasted with some co-produced segments to better reflect Eruowoodian culture.